Monday, January 6, 2014

What do you call a potato wearing glasses?

A spectator. 

what??? i thought it was good.

Fun Fact: I only had to start wearing glasses a little over a year ago.

My eyesight had always been 20/20 and when I started getting headaches and noticing it was hard to focus on images, I decided to make an appointment.  I wasn't nervous, I had to get my eyes checked out before but when the doctor told me I would need to buy glasses the panic started to set in.  What would look good on me?  Which ones were the best for my crazy mommy lifestyle?  I mean seriously how many glasses can they shove on a wall??

Since I never had eyeglasses before, I wasn't sure what kind was right for my face, my lifestyle, any of that.  Sure, they had a couple of people there to help you with size but the whole process was overwhelming.  And then came the sticker shock.  Even with my insurance, I was paying nearly almost $100 just for frames.  So I sucked it up and took the hit in my wallet.  

Fast forward time to buy my husband eyeglasses.  Enter  I never thought to buy eyeglasses online before.  Honestly, I am a little skeptical of online shopping with clothing and accessories but  I have to say I was very impressed.  Not only do they carry all the latest styles by top designers (Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, D&G, Nike, etc) but they offer a 110% lowest price guarantee AndAlsoPlus a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a generous refer-a-friend program.  PLUS, you get to "try on" glasses from the comfort of your own home and even in your pajamas with their Virtual Mirror.

yeah I like these.

And now its your turn:

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  1. That's cool, but I am extremely picky about the glasses I get. I have been wearing them all my life and have found that sometimes the frames look awesome BEFORE they place the lenses in....depending on the lens strength and shape, it can make a difference in how the frames look afterward....just a small fyi...hope all works out great for you!