Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Heeelllloooo 2014!!

I am excited for the new year.  You know - new year, new you.  Yeah it's cliche but its the truth.  You can say goodbye to 2013 and let go of all the negative thoughts, bad memories, and leave the things you rather not mention in the past.  New year is a fresh start and that usually begins with the dreaded resolutions.  Yeah screw that. I don't believe in resolutions because then you have an excuse when it doesn't work out:  "Oh it was just a New Year's resolution."  And you are at peace with it but if you make goals then you can slowly work towards them.

01.  Get healthy.  Stay healthy.  Every year I usually make the resolution to lose X amount of pounds.  I start out good but something happens and I lose my rhythm.  I realize I won't make my X amount of pounds so I give up.  But this year I am going to work on being healthy.  No more numbers.

(Anyone else want to do the Burpee challenge with me? Yeah I missed December but never too late to start right? Check it out here)

02.  Take more time for myself.  Growing up I would always play "Mommy" with my stuffed animals and before I knew what having a kid really meant, I wanted ten.  When my son was born everything turned about him.  I mean everything.  As moms, its so easy to forget that I am a person beyond a mom.  I love crafting.  I love going to movies.  I love to draw and paint.  But I can count on one hand how many times I have actually done these things since my son was born and at some point along the way I lost myself.  I only recognized myself as a mom and wife but I'm more and this year I am determined to rediscover myself (and more girl time lol).  I'm nervous that I will feel mommy guilt but I have to find that perfect balance. 

03.  Take time to love myself, even with all my flaws.  And man do I have a lot of flaws.  It sounds simple, just to love yourself, but it seems to be the hardest thing to do.  I know I have good qualities but those always seem to be pushed to the back and I focus on things I do wrong and what I am not doing for myself and family.  


04.  Be present.  It is so easy for people, especially me, to get distracted with all the technology around us.  Hanging out with my friends usually equals to checking facebook, texting, and other social medias.  I am taking a vow to turn off my phone when I am with friends and family and limit my time on the computer to when my kid is asleep or out the house.  So I am phone...

(Great article that you should read by Jarrid Wilson)

05.  Get organized.  I am very type A personality "Everything has a place and everything in its place."  But lately I have been just trying to go with the flow and it makes me beyond stressed.  I am sorry its just not who I am.  Planning, lists, schedules, all that makes me happy.  This year I am going to try a couple of different organization tools to help me.

06.  Take more photos. I mean real photos.  Its so easy for us to grab our smart phones and capture a moment but I want to get out there and really get back into photography.  It used to be one of my main passions and I miss it. See how I am tying it all in together??

07.  2014 Love Calendar.  It is so easy to say I love my husband.  He is a great man and a great dad but when was the last time I really showed him how I felt about him and what he does for this family?  Probably not as often as I should.  I do not want a day to go by that he doesn't know how much I love him and what he sacrifices for us.  So this year I am going to be doing the Love Calendar.

(The Dating Divas have a free love calendar for you. They will update a new one each month) 

And you know the good thing about goals?  You can always add more later. 

Happy New Year!

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  1. Those are great goals for 2014. I definitely need work on #4 "Be Present."
    Happy New Year!